As many of you may not know, Windows will no longer be supporting XP soon. Yes, my desktop at home still uses XP. I bought it when Vista was still new and so it physically can’t handle an upgrade to 7. Also, it is that old, so it’s been needing to be replaced. But if I’m going to get a new desktop, I want to build it myself with a little tech-savy help. That is not cheap.

But I do have a laptop. 🙂

Today I found that there is a laptop dock that will not only work with my laptop, but will support additional monitors. So not only can I use my mouse and keyboard and all that, I can finally have two monitors! I’m planning on using Christmas gifts to get the dock and some hardware to turn my desktop’s 1TB hard drive into an external hard drive. I’m going to have more computing power than I’ve ever had, while still having a simple laptop!

Now to figure out if my external DVD drive is broken or if it was just that one disc…


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