I am good!

Near the beginning of No Impact Man, Colin mentions wanting to get a net bag to use for his shopping. That made me think. A net bag would be really easy to carry in my handbag and would cut down on the very rare instance of needing a plastic bag. Not that the plastic bags are all that useless around our house. The bathroom trashcan is designed to use them, it’s really nice.

But back to the point. I thought about getting one and then realized going out and buying one wouldn’t be lessening my impact. Luckily I have a crafty mind. Literally. I went to Ravelry and did a search for net bags. I found a few patterns and eventually settled on one I liked. I have a bunch of yarns of different weights at home, so I started in on my first net bag last night. After starting over three times, it’s looking really good. I’m hoping to get at least two made, maybe a third smaller bag if I have enough yarn. Oooh. I just remembered more yarn of the right weight I can use. Yay! Lots of bags will be made! Hehehehe.


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