Getting tea-ed up

Yesterday I stopped by Whole Foods for the weekly grocery run and saw what I’ve been looking for for months: the newest Tea Magazine! As soon as I got home, I started in. I love reading that magazine. It really gets me in the mood for tea and gives me ideas of where to go when I want to try a new tea. It’s inspiring. Inspiration can be an interesting thing when you’ve just gotten your Christmas bonus check.

So yeah, I went to ThinkGeek and bought a few more tea accessories. I finally bought the IngenuiTEA teapot for myself. I’m hoping it will fit on my new Laboratory Beaker Mug. But if it doesn’t I can always use the Teatube test tube tea infuser. Now I just need to get a Pyrex rod to stir in any agave nectar and I’ll be set. Sadly, ThinkGeek doesn’t sell them. But it won’t be hard to find.

What can I say? I’ve wanted the IngenuiTEA for a while now. The Teatube just looks like fun. And while I have a bunch of mugs, Tea Magazine was making me want to have a clear mug to be able to appreciate the color of the tea. Oh darn. I get to look even geekier. 😉


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