Bee yourself.

It’s interesting how we have come to the point where we have to have a label that everyone understands for things. For example, my previous post and how I said that the frock coat I want to make is kinda Steampunk. I felt this weird need to add that label to it. We like to use “geek” to imply that someone is really interested in a subject. Or they’re a “snob” if they like specific types of food or drink.


“Why be normal when you can be yourself!” I’ve had a button with that on it for years now and I still love it. But I think I’m only really getting it now. I’ve really disliked the word “normal” since I took a Disability Studies class where we discussed how stupid the word really is. But in their own way “geek” and “snob” are a kind of “normality” themselves. It’s just another label that we use to describe something.

I’ve been trying to find a label that I like to describe how I’m dressing lately. Then I realized, why is that important? It’s what I want to wear, isn’t that enough? Yeah, I’ve got a coachman’s hat with peacock feathers in the band. Yeah, I want to make a frock coat with Chinese brocade that has a beautiful bamboo pattern. Yeah, I’ve made mens pants into skirts that I’m going to add different brocades to the front to finish off. Why do I need to put a single label on that?

It’s like when I realized how I described Gallaudet to others wasn’t quite accurate. I’d tell them that it’s the only university in the world for the Deaf. But I’ve realized that’s not right. It’s the only university in the world where the spoken language used is sign language. Then again, it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve realized that the focus and emphasis should be on what language people use, not whether they can hear or not.

Growing up I watched Sesame Street. This is one of the awesome bits they would show. I loved it then and I love it now. It’s a great message that we seem to forget about.


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