Happy Holidays! (part 1)

I used to think that that phrase was just another in the growing ranks of pc-isms. But now I’ve come to realized and totally embrace the holiday season.

There are just too many people to see on Christmas Day. Also, not everyone celebrates Christmas, so I’ve learned to expand my holiday to pretty much cover all of December.

This year it started off with family. Back on the 14th my mom’s family got together for our annual Christmas gathering. As many of us that can make it gather in one place, bring a bunch of food, eat too much, exchange gifts, and hang out. This year it was my mom’s turn to host.

Three of my guys: my godfather, my dad, my hubby. They’re part of why I enjoy the holidays.
My mom holding the latest of my cousin’s children. Isn’t she cute?

Once that was done, we packed up and headed to my parents house so the four of us could have Christmas. Exchanging presents, taking naps, watching the dog bounce off things, and giving the poor cat lots of love. It was great. But there was a lot of snow coming down still and we had to get over to my father-in-law’s place. Normally it takes an hour to go from one set of parents to the other. That day it took at least 2.

Once we got there, we hauled everything inside and got settled in. There was exchanging of gifts and watching season 2 of Person of Interest. It was a great night. The next day we made our way back home and started prepping for the next holiday celebration.

I was going to put all of this into one post, but I think I’ll break it up. Tomorrow: celebrating Yule!


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