New Years cleaning

Forget spring cleaning, New Years cleaning is the new thing!

Isn’t it?

Eh. Either way, I have been on a bit of a cleaning kick these past few days. Tuesday at work I got my desk in pretty good shape before leaving. And I’ve worked on it more today. Yesterday I did some cleaning in my room (so now there’s more than a path leading to my computer) and did some magic in the kitchen.

I had cleaned the stove top earlier in the week. Yesterday I got us completely caught up on dishes, and I cleaned some of the counters too. I kept looking into the kitchen amazed at how clean it was. There were no dirty dishes sitting out. Period. I thought it was kinda weird to do that. Hubby said it was sad. I’m sticking with weird.

And that reminds me of something. I have another reason to love baking soda. It is great for scrubbing things that you don’t want scratched up! Just baking soda, a damp paper towel, and elbow grease removed a ton of baked-on grease and dirt from the stove top. It even helps to get my French White dishes cleaner than the dishwasher can get them. It’s awesome!

The cleaning will continue. Tonight I’m going to fold my laundry, thus reclaiming even more of the living room. This weekend I’m going to get my room in shape. At least enough to get it so I can use my sewing machine.

It should be obvious by now, but just to be clear, I really don’t like cleaning. This is weird for me. I’m sure Hubby is wondering “Who is this? What did they do with my wife? Can I keep her?” My tendency toward clutter kinda drives him nuts.


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