Weregeek from January 15

Yeah. I can completely relate to this comic. Granted, for most conventions it really all starts the night before when you pick up your badge because you pre-registered.

Next you have to coordinate with your friends. What panels are you going to? Hey, we both have time for lunch there, want to meet up?

And of course, the costumes. I stick to one costume per day unless I have a hotel room. I don’t like the idea of having to find somewhere to keep my costumes, change into them, and do the make-up in an area that is shared with who knows how many other people. I don’t want to hold things up just because I’m changing costumes.

But, after a few years of multiple costumes at Dragon*Con, I tend to stick to one costume per day. For Marcon I am bringing 5 costumes for 3 days. But, I have a hotel room, and three of those costumes are crossplay. The other two are really simple and will be great to wear before or after crossplaying for a nice break. But planning which day which is being worn has to wait until they put out the schedule.

I just love conventions!


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