More Ohayocon

In my excitement about the Kimono panel, I totally forgot about the other great panel I went to on Friday: the History of Japanese Food. The panelist was well prepared and knew what she was talking about. She had a great set of slides, unfortunately we couldn’t really read what was on them. But it was what she was saying anyway, so we were happy to look at the great pictures of the wonderful food. It made me want to go out and find a good Japanese restaurant for dinner.

I also did a little bit of shopping Friday. I broke down and finally bought a Geek Cane from Aradani Studios. It is awesome! It is brown with a green d20 and a set of assorted color mini-dice inside the handle. I love it.

After that I went up to Artist Alley and got to meet the Pirate. I bought a couple of things, was tempted by many others, and got to chat with him for a while. Which reminds me, I need to bug Jennie about where the next Con Artists is.

Saturday was…interesting. My plan Friday night was to get up early and get going so I’d get a spot in the garage. When the alarm went off, I decided it wasn’t worth getting there that early to end up hanging around for a few panels later in the day. So I slept in later, which would allow me to stay up later to see the late panels for once, or so I planned. That is also the day a ton of snow was dumped on Columbus. By the time I got to the convention, both the parking lot and the garage were full. I didn’t feel like trudging through snow to get to the convention center, so I just wrote off the day.

But that is not the end! I decided to go up High Street and stopped at The Laughing Ogre. I was still in the mood to be in a geeky environment, and that was the perfect place to go. I picked up a couple of manga, a couple of graphic novels, and a couple of comics. It felt good. After that I stopped by Half-Price Books and picked up some anime, among other things. It rounded things out nicely.

I’ll go ahead and leave Sunday for tomorrow. And before I leave things, I’ve made more progress on the scarf!

I’m planning to work on it a lot this weekend. Hopefully it’ll be done soon.


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