The last of Ohayocon

I really did not intend for this to take this long, but oh well. On to the last day of Ohayocon!

I ended up only going to two panels, but they were really worth it! The first panel was “Manga Japanese Critics Love”. It was about an hour-and-a-half long and most of it was wonderful. It was about the winners of two major awards since around 2000: Kodansha Manga Award and Shogakukan Manga Award. The main panelist was really good. He had either read or researched every title on the list. He had a great Power Point and really knew what he was talking about. About halfway through a second panelist came in. He wasn’t quite as prepared to talk about the manga he knew. But it was still really good. I would make a note of any titles that sounded interesting and can be read in English, somehow. I’ve got quite the list to work through.

After that, there was “Sewing Men’s Clothing”. That was a really informative panel. They made clear distinctions between what you should use for everyday wear, or if you want your costume to look like everyday wear, and what you would use only for costumes. It really gave me a new perspective on fabric choices.

When that was done, I got some lunch with the intent of staying for a few more panels and possibly the closing ceremonies. But I had run out of gas and desire to be there. Also everything was winding down since people were having to check out of the hotels. So I decided to just go ahead and go home.

I think if I’m going to do Ohayocon again, I need to get a hotel room. I need a base of operations and somewhere I can go to take naps so I can go to the later panels.


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