What a week!


I am still amazed I survived the week. This week I spent my days at the Common Pleas Court downtown. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had jury duty. And I got to be an alternate for a criminal case. On Friday it ended in a hung jury. Which is why I’m able to post this.

I’m not going to go into any detail about the case, but I did find out how tiring it is to sit and focus on nothing but what people are saying, both verbally and nonverbally. At the end of every day in court, my brain was mush.

That was fun Tuesday for class. She brought up a video for us to watch and “voice”, by writing down how we would interpret what was being said, and I had a hard time figuring out what was being said on the video. Thursday was better because that’s when deliberation began. Which means I was sitting down in the jury pool room for the rest of the day with my fellow alternate. I did get quite a bit of homework done, and I was able to allow my brain to recover for class.

Friday night was the best way to end the week. I went to ASL night and had fun. I chatted with classmates and teachers and didn’t have to think before I signed. It was a great way to end the week. Granted the White Russian and three Guinness’ helped. 😉

Now, after a day of laundry and ASL, I’m worried about tomorrow. Before I finished my work week two weeks ago, I made sure to get everything caught up so my coworker would have less to do while I was gone. That being said, I know I’m still going to have a pile of work waiting for me.

Oh joy.


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