Plans and Goals

Last week, I think it was Friday, I found an interesting article on (which is an awesome site you should check out if you haven’t already). I have been trying to get in better shape, but I’ve always found it hard to keep it off. Granted, part of that’s always been those bad habits coming back into my life. I’m all about making permanent changes I can stick with to maintain my weight, so when I saw 8 Ways to Lose Weight with Little Effort I was a little skeptical. Wow was I wrong.

This article is all about two things: little changes you can permanently add to your habits, short-time changes that make a permanent long-term impact. After reading the article, I got some ideas of how I can make small changes to my habits that will hopefully combine with my increased exercise effort to result in weight loss.
-Eat small meals every 3 hours
-Decrease candida
–No candy
–No sweet tea
–No pop
–Kombucha daily
-Eat almonds
–Up to 70 almonds a day
-Drink green tea
–At least 3 cups a day
A lot of these are simple, some may say common sense, ways to lose weight anyway. Decreasing my processed sugar intake will help on its own, as will the green tea. But I’m going to give it a month before making any lasting decisions. I’ve got a list of more intense additions if this doesn’t help.

I decided to slowly work into it over the weekend so I would be ready to go today. That approach seems to be working. I’m not feeling sugar cravings nearly as hard as before. About 3 hours after my last “meal” I’m finding myself getting hungry again. I bought a couple of different types of green tea on Friday, hoping that variety would keep me interested in continuing to drink it. It has. I’ve already had two ‘beaker’s of green tea, which adds up to more than 3 cups. Also, by having a wider variety of teas on hand, as well as an amazing salad packed, I have no desire to get a sweet tea. My wallet is going to thank me for this, I just know it. I just hope my waistline will too.

I’ve also finally gotten the kick in the butt that I needed to get to the gym. Saturday I played in a pick-up game of basketball and it really showed me how out of shape I am. There were a couple of times I was having a hard time catching my breath, and I’m still sore today. Tonight I finally start my long-delayed workout routine at the gym on campus.

But why am I telling you all of this? Two reasons: me and you. I’m hoping that by talking about my efforts, for at least this next month, I’ll hold myself more accountable. Also, if my ideas, goals, plans, successes, failures, whatever go on to help or inspire just one other person, then I’ll feel even more successful.

Well, off to finish my Larabar and tea. Wish me luck!


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