Full schedule

Wow. Things are about to get really busy. This weekend is Silent Weekend. Yay!!! I’m always excited for Silent Weekend. But I’ve got a few ideas I want to try out this time. Also, just being able to sign without having to think about it, like I have to in class, will be nice.

Anyway, next Friday there’s ASL night. Where, I don’t know. Hopefully They’ll have figured it out by then. Then Saturday I’ve got pick-up basketball again. But this time I’ll be better prepared. At least I’ll be in better shape. The next Saturday I’ve got my next presentation for class. I’m thinking of working on it more this weekend. There’ll be plenty of times to work on it. I doubt anyone’ll have a problem with that.

The Friday after that Keith Wann is going to be in Columbus! I am so excited!!! The next night is Easter Vigil, which means being in church for 4 hours but it only feels like 2 at the most.

With all of that going on we’ll probably be going up to Cleveland the last weekend of the month. Wow. Somewhere in there I have to make a canvas duster for Marcon. I’m going to have to get myself in gear!


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