HIP: Success and Sliding

HIP stands for Health Improvement Plans. I go into detail about it here. Updates won’t be a daily thing, but I’ll try to do it at least once a week.

Well, I was doing really well until yesterday. I needed to run up to Whole Foods to get my snack for the weekend (2 bags of Skinny Sticks!). I took my chicken breast with me and ate it in the car, carefully, as I drove, carefully. I got my snack and grabbed an Izzie to drink, since I figured a juice wouldn’t hurt. It didn’t. It was the chocolate chip cheese danish. I really shouldn’t have given in to temptation. From that point forward the day was a mess. I totally lost track of time and ate my rice snack late. My energy and focus simply disappeared. I even almost skipped class. But I got things done and found some reserve of energy to keep going. I grabbed a slice of veggie pizza at school, which works really well for dinner. But when I got home I still had to pack for this weekend despite being exhausted, and I gave in and had a chocolate fudge egg.

Today hasn’t been much better. Yes, not getting enough sleep all week doesn’t help. But I was doing so much better before yesterday. Today I was good for breakfast, but then I gave in and had a brownie before lunch. Lunch was a fish sandwich, some fries, and large sweet tea from Wendy’s. After that I grabbed more snack food. I think if I live on tea this afternoon I might be able to get some balance going again. Thankfully I was planning to bring tea, Larabars, and almonds this weekend anyway, so I can keep working toward being balanced again.

Now I just need to find a Jimmy John’s on the way for dinner tonight and I’ll be set!


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