Silent Weekend #128

I love Silent Weekend! But this may have been one of the best weekends yet. My confidence in my signing has never been better, and I really felt it this weekend. It was so nice to be able to just talk without having to think about it. I just let the words flow from my hands and body. It was wonderful.

Not a lot happens on Friday. Everyone’s arriving, signing in, getting their stuff out of the cars and into the lodge/dorm/sleeping areas, and getting warmed up for a weekend of signing. But I did break out the video camera and got quite a bit of taping done. I can’t wait to sit down and get all of the videos ready to go for sharing.

Saturday was quite a busy day, as usual. More people arrived, including another friend/classmate, and a former teacher whose been extremely supportive and helpful this semester! In the morning, I went on the hike out to Split Rock where I took a bunch of pictures of the amazing views, hurt my hand a little, and lost my phone. Thankfully a bunch of people stayed behind to look for it and one of them found it. My heroes!

That afternoon, I got to execute my idea for silent Cards Against Humanity. I made it a rule that you couldn’t fingerspell just because you don’t know the sign. Everyone took it a step further and tried to avoid fingerspelling as much as possible! It was great! My former teacher, current teacher for many playing, helped us out. It was almost more fun to watch his reactions to the white cards than what the cards were.

Later that night we watched two of the ASL movies I brought. The first one was projected so everyone could watch. But the person whose laptop we were using needed to get going. So I set up my laptop so we could watch the second. At first it was just me, another student, and my former teacher. By the end we had gained at least three other people. At one point there were ten of us watching the movie. It was great! Totally worth going to bed at 1am.

Sunday I got up at 8am despite being tired because that’s when breakfast was, and I needed to get everything packed and ready to go for later. Breakfast was relaxed and leisurely because the only other thing that day was the closing, “Voices Back”, meeting. I love the “Voices Back” meeting because first-timers get to share their experiences, and that’s always fun to hear.

Overall, a great weekend. I got to meet a lot of new people, hang out with people I already know, and improve my ASL skills. Definitely a success!


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