Exercise and Books

Two great things, right?! I still haven’t tried them together, but I’ll explain that later.

Yesterday I went to the gym again, but I wanted to change things up. I knew the elliptical was great for me, so I wanted to see how the bike compared. They have two types of bikes, the one you sit back and petal and the one that makes you feel like you’re out on a bike. I picked the latter. I will say this, it’s a great warm-up for me, but not a good exercise. I started off with the warm-up program and then switched to random hills. All it did was tire out my legs and bore me. My heart rate didn’t get higher and I felt like my legs were the only thing getting exercise.
So I switched over to the elliptical to try and get something like exercise in. It worked. Just 15 minutes on the elliptical and I felt like a got a nice whole body workout. I think from here on I’m going to warm up on the bike and then go to the elliptical. Also, the elliptical has really been helping my back. I’ve got some lower back problems, but by using the elliptical I’m strengthening the muscles and I haven’t had any problems, or hint of a possible problem, in the past two weeks! Yay! And that includes climbing over rocks and sleeping on a camp bunk this past weekend!

Enough with the exercise, on to the books! Over on the Nest Book Club the Spring Book Challenge has begun. I’m really excited because I’ve managed to pick books for all but one category, and that one is to “read the next book you see a stranger reading in public”. So I need to see a stranger reading in public before figuring that one out. It’s kinda exciting. I’m actually managing to mostly use the Kindle for this one. If I don’t own the book, most of them are available for the Kindle from the library. So when I need a new book, I just need Wi-Fi access and I’ll have it!

But that’s part of the problem with reading while exercising. Either the book won’t stay open, because I don’t like risking damaging them just to accomplish that. Or they’re on the Kindle which means I have to ‘turn the page’ more often, and I like using the ‘levers’ on the elliptical to get that whole body workout. Maybe I just need to get the couple of audiobooks going while I’m working out for now.


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