Inspired Focus

I love the blog Bonzai Aphrodite, in case you didn’t know that by now. But something Sayward said in today’s post got me refocused on my future goals.

My dream, now, is to be a science writer. Did you know that? Dreams always seem to sweep out and away from us, and then somehow to circle back. Or, at least mine always seem to that. Like this one did, and I find myself just where I was 6 years ago, dreaming of writing popular science. Of taking those stodgy, sterile scientific papers and breaking them down, synthesizing them, so that this fantastical, magical world of science feels approachable for anyone and everyone. But in order to be a brilliant science writer, you first have to read the brilliant science writers.

That is part of why I want to get a Master’s degree and probably a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a focus on signed languages. I want to share with the world what an amazing language this is. In doing research for a presentation for class, I ended up reading a few papers that I just could not finish because they were so dry. What they were talking about was really interesting and important, but dry. Granted they were written for people in those fields, but it still got me thinking about what it might look like if it wasn’t so dry.

I’ll stop saying “dry” now. 😉

But recently, still waiting to hear back from Gallaudet, I’ve been wondering if this is what I really want to do. Do I really want to go to school for another 5 years? Do I need a Ph.D. to do what I want to? Why don’t I just do the work and teach ASL? But reading that has refocused my thoughts and I feel like I’m back on track. Luckily, all those thoughts that had me doubting also help give me focus if I don’t get into grad school. There’s lots I can do here in Columbus while I apply again and wait to hear again. But I’m still hoping that is something that I won’t have to worry about because I’m going to get in.


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