HIP: Lessons learned

This week I actually learned a lot. As I mentioned earlier, I had been backsliding in my habits. But this week I made a wonderful discovery.

I have come to accept two facts about myself: 1) I am a procrastinator; 2) I’m not good at prepping meals ahead of time. These two things mean that this week I was eating out for lunch, which is where I made my great discovery. I can eat fast food and not overdo it!

I’m really retraining myself to think about food in a better way. I’ve gone to both Taco Bell and Wendy’s and have managed to only get what I need. 3 Crunchy Fresco tacos are a great lunch for me. And that Tuscan Chicken sandwich at Wendy’s is amazing. I think it’s partly due to the ciabatta bun. But when I go to Wendy’s I don’t get fries, just the sandwich and a large sweet tea, which I take my time drinking so it’s almost like my afternoon snack. Although I did splurge a little today and got a bacon and cheese baked potato too, but I still feel great!

Also, yesterday there was a large jar of various M&Ms out for all to munch upon. As the day went on my stomach’s negative reaction started to lessen and temptation started to creep in. So I grabbed one of my little Malley’s dark chocolates and it totally filled that chocolate need. It felt so good to only want the one!

I am so relieved. I was worried that my habits were going backwards. Turns out they’re going forward!


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