What a weekend!

I know I said on Friday that I would be updating throughout the weekend, but I didn’t want to interrupt the wonderfulness going on.

That was an experience I am really looking forward to again. It was unlike any convention I’ve been to. It was very low key, calm, and much more mature. I’m never doing Ohayocon again. I felt so comfortable all weekend. Well, most of the weekend, but even then it wasn’t that bad.

Nearly every panel I went to was a wonderful experience of getting to talk with other fans about one thing or another. Yesterday morning at 10am we had a fairly full room for Doctor Who. It was wonderful. Later we had an almost as full room for The Dresden Files! I loved it!

I can’t wait to get things set up for next year. But I did learn a few things:
-Definitely stick with Sci-Fi or literary costumes
-Don’t get a hotel for Thursday night
-Be willing to hang out and talk with others

It was an amazing experience.


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