Life on the go

Today was the first day I really devoted to giving Lyfts. It helped me to realize how often I need to take a break and gave me a good idea of how to approach each work day. But it also made me realize something else. Between work and school, I’m not going to be home all that much. Which means food on the go.

Now I have come to find a balance and healthy way to eat from restaurants. But it’s still better for my waistline and my wallet to bring food with me. I’m going to start thinking and researching and poking around the internet to find effective ways to fill my army of glass jars and have a buffet of food and drinks at my fingertips.

The point me telling you all of this? There will be food posts! My failures and successes will be shared with all of you wonderful people. I figure failures are things that can be learned from as much as the successes. Now I’m off to find recipes to inspire me to actually go out to the kitchen and prepare food for my week!


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