The weekend of food

Thanksgiving. Christmas. Those are the holidays people worry about overeating for. Not me. The 4th of July is the holiday that gets me every year. The constant flow of food and the tables overflowing with food always get me. I just keep snacking away through the day, and it’s not the most balanced snacking either.

Now that the flow of food and the traveling has wound down, I’ve taken a step back and taken a good look at my eating habits. It was not pretty. Being in the car for work has not been encouraging the best eating habits. But, being at home can lead me to snacking my way thought the day, which isn’t good either. I had strayed away from conscious eating habits.

But I’m going to change that.

Well, not everything. I’ve been loving my tea lately. I recently started using Rishi’s iced teas. I love their loose leaf teas, so I thought I’d give their iced teas a try. I am so glad I did. One bag makes 32 oz of iced tea. I use one bag to make up two tall jars of jasmine green tea and one bag to make up two tall jars of black tea. That way I have two tall jars of tea every day. In addition to my regular jar of cold Chai latte of course.

Yesterday I did a little shopping to hopefully help me be more mindful in my eating. I bought some grilled chicken from Whole Foods’ salad bar with the hopes of making some simple chicken salad wraps. I’ve also got some pouches of salmon that have patiently been waiting for some mayo to make some salmon salad wraps. I also picked up a head of green leaf lettuce, a head of red leaf lettuce, cherries, and strawberries. All organic, of course. The lettuces will be used on the wraps and in salads. The cherries and strawberries will be great snacks.

But all of that will go to waste if I don’t come home to eat. I’m figuring I can pack some cherries or strawberries for a snack at school. My breakfast of Chai and a croissant appears to be a good idea so far, so adding some fruit to my bag won’t be hard. The only trick on class days will be getting home to the food and not stopping somewhere and giving in to the fast food.

Work days are going to be the problem. Once I figure out what a good work schedule is, I have to figure out how to space out tea and snacks without driving more than I have to and keeping the car clean and ready for passengers. But I think I can do it.

Hopefully I’ll have some of the great pics I took Friday out at our friend’s place. It was a great 4th of July. Hope yours was too!


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