Wash away my worries

Lately I’ve been in a funk that I have not been able to shake. I can’t focus in class. I don’t want to do my homework. I don’t want to clean up. I can’t get to sleep. It’s been so annoying and frustrating.

Then I took a shower.

Has that ever happened to you? You are just having a horrible day or week, and then you take a shower and it all melts away.

Granted, today wasn’t my typical shower. Just after I turned on the water, I lit the candle in my oil warmer and loaded it with lavender oil. The oil was released into the air, aided by the steam, and really helped me to relax.

After my shower I went shopping for professional clothes so I have something I like to wear during tests and grabbed lunch. Then I dropped off my new outfits (6 shirts, 4 pants, 2 jeans, 1 capri for $65! I love Goodwill!) at home and got to work. I took the evening in stride. I didn’t stress over the slowness of the night. I still have tomorrow and Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday.

It’s amazing what a difference a shower can make.


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