Part-Time Vegan: Day 3

It may not have been three days in a row, but this is my third day going part-time vegan. And I am feeling great! Today I started off with a croissant and chai tea for breakfast, chia pudding for my between classes snack, and a macaroon and coconut chips for my mid-class snack. For lunch I had a small mixing bowl of salad. I love that dressing! I had another macaroon and the rest of the Apple Straws for a mid-afternoon snack.

I kinda went all-out for dinner. I wanted to pick up something on my way back to campus for class and ended up at Wendy’s. I ordered the Pretzel Pub Chicken combo, grilled, large, with a sweet tea to drink. I barely had any fries because they just weren’t appealing. The sandwich was awesome, but it got me thinking that I should find something a little healthier to do these last two days I have class. Mostly because it’ll help when fall classes start up and I have class Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Either way, I am feeling so much better. I am looking forward to going grocery shopping tomorrow night so I can buy some more veggies for my salads so they can be satisfying longer. I also read a bit more of the chapters before the recipes and am feeling even better about my decision to go part-time vegan. As long as I don’t freak myself out over every little thing I eat, I think this is going to be a good way to get my eating habits back to healthy.


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