How to Survive a Convention – Introduction

I know I wrote something similar to this a few years ago, but when I wrote that I had only been to DragonCon. Now I feel I have a much better, more varied experience to speak from.

There is so much advice out there as to how to survive a convention. So in the next few posts, I’m going to go off of my personal experience in how to execute that generic advice.

Granted, some conventions need more to survive than others (I’m given the impression SDCC is one of those), but they all have the basics in common. Here’s a quick overview:

Keep your badge/wristband on you at all times!
Know the schedule.
Know your way around.
Wear comfortable clothes/costumes.
5/2/1 Rule
Have a convention bag.

I’m probably going to break things down into three posts: The Convention, Clothing and Costumes, and Taking Care of Yourself. I hope they’ll help you enjoy your convention experience even more!


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