How to Survive a Convention – The Con Bag

So you’ve decided to go to a convention. Congratulations! This is the fourth in a three part series of advice on how to have fun and survive. 🙂 Seriously, ask anyone who has attended a convention, “survive” is the correct term. But don’t let that scare you. That’s what these posts are for!

The Con Bag
Most of the advice I’ve give across the past three posts can be applied to this one item: the Con Bag. It’s so important that ThinkGeek created a Bag of Holding just for conventions. Having a dedicated con bag, or a bag that can easily become available, can be a lifesaver during a convention.

What type of bag you use depends on a lot. I’ve seen people use lots of different types of bags. Drawstring backpacks, regular backpacks, Bags of Holding, messenger bags, bags created specifically to go with their costume, tote bags. The options are only limited by what you want.

I used to use a larger backpack that held a ton of stuff, but I kept bumping into people and things, especially in the dealer’s rooms. I still use that bag to get everything to and from the convention. Last year I used a simple messenger bag out at the convention and it was much more convenient. This year I’m using the Bag of Holding. It’s got a bunch of pockets and various compartments for different items and is really designed with a crowded convention, like DragonCon, in mind. It’s going to be great!

What goes in it?
This is where you put your:
-portable snacks
-drinks/drink container
-stuff to be signed
-stuff that’s been signed
-stuff you buy
-emergency supplies (costume repair kit, first aid kit, etc.)

This is your portable survival kit. Anything you might need with you at the convention, aside from your badge and id and money, can go in this bag. You don’t want to put any of those important things in the bag because it’s easier for something to happen to your bag than your badge and wallet. Just keep your wallet in a safe spot on your person and you’ll be good!

So, to sum things up quick:
Have a bag with you at the convention to hold the things you’ll need while you’re there. It’s like your portable base of operations.

Have fun! Enjoy your convention!


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