DragonCon: Day 0

We are here! After spending most of Wednesday prepping and getting packed, not getting any extra sleep like I should have, we left around 12:30 Thursday morning and arrived at the hotel a little before noon. We made it!

Today’s been a crazy day, which really describes day zero. Once we got everything in our room, we both found a reservoir of energy that was hiding while we were driving. First I went to get my badge. It was wonderful again! Last year there was a technical problem that resulted in a moving, but long line. This year, I waited about 30 seconds behind someone and it took about a minute to get me my badge. It was wonderful. I hope they can keep it up during the whole weekend. ::crosses fingers::

After that I went to give blood. Every year DragonCon has a blood drive during the convention. Aside from the good feeling you get from knowing your donation helps others, you also get an awesome t-shirt. I knew my hubby was planning to do the same, so before I left I checked to see if he was in line. He was already hooked up and donating! This is the one time each year he gives blood. He’s willing to risk passing out for the t-shirt. This year was no exception. He never passed out, but it definitely made the day more interesting.

Once we were both ready to head back to our hotel, we made the long trek back up the hill. After a little break up in the room, we got dinner and recuperated from the last 24-hours. I slept for at least 5 hours before I remembered that I needed to get the buttons on Harry’s coat. So I put on DragonCon TV and got to work. After that got done, I prepped my con bag for tomorrow and decided to sit down and write this up.

I paid for internet access today to get some homework done. I figured, I’ve already paid for it so why not post? 😀 I may post daily throughout the con, I may wait until I’m home. It will all depend on my energy level. Either way, DragonCon has begun!


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