What I learned from DragonCon 2014: Food

I followed my own advice and packed a bunch of food. I packed Snapea Crisps, turkey jerky, dried fruit snacks, Larabars, Apple Straws, almonds, carrots, peppers, broccoli, and hummus.

When we got to the hotel room I realized I had not one but two problems with what I packed. First problem: I forgot containers to put small amounts of the almonds and Snapea Crisps into so I could throw them in my bag. That simply meant they didn’t really get eaten. The Snapea Crisps were munched on in the room and the almonds helped on the way home. I totally forgot about the Apple Straws.

Second problem: there was not a fridge in the room. We had the cooler, but we had to keep putting ice in it to keep things cold and the veggies and dips kept getting buried. And considering how wiped I was when arriving back in the room, there was no way I was digging them out.

The other day I made a couple of changes to the unchanging part of my DragonCon packing list. I added Ziploc bags to my list. There were quite a few times where I wanted to have Snapea Crisps and almonds, but they would either be crushed or wouldn’t fit in the bag. Also, unless we know for sure that we’ll have a fridge in the room, I’m not bringing anything aside from Kanteens of water and any other drinks that need to be kept cold.

That being said, I am totally bringing veggies and hummus with me to Marcon. I’ll have a fridge there!


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