One more step forward

Today was an interesting day. After getting haircuts, the three of us were chatting and hubby asked our stylist how he’s lost weight and kept it off. In a nutshell, it was keeping active and eating small amounts of food every few hours with meat only being maybe once or twice a day.

Of course as he’s saying all of this I’m mentally going “Duh!” But I also realized that was part of my faulty eating habits lately. I’ve been having a few large meals instead of eating what I need when I need it. I took more of that approach today and I feel much better. We still had dinner, but I made sure my portions were smaller than usual. I’m still stuffed. Once I’m not, I am totally making a pickled beet/lettuce/goat cheese salad. It’s sounded good all day but I haven’t had a chance to make it.

I’ve written all of that as a long lead in to an announcement. I’ve decided to use Instagram! Evidently I already had an account and posted some pictures. But from here on out it’s going to be a ‘photo-journal’ of my attempts to eat smaller portions of healthier food more often. I’ll also tack on any recipes as I come up with them. 🙂

Now I need to go clean things up so I can share my other big news.


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