Still recovering

This week has been intense. Last weekend I drove out to Nebraska with my mom to visit my sister. We did a lot and we ate a lot, so I’m still trying to get my diet back to where it was. Sinful Burger alone is enough to throw one’s diet/routine off for an entire week, but it’s so worth it. One of these days I’ll remember to take pictures of these things.

Anyway, on Monday I found out that I was killing myself on Sunday over a quiz that wasn’t due until this Sunday! That Stats class is eating my brain. Until Wednesday I was simply aiming to pass that class. But now I have motivation to get a B.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, my top choice for graduate school is Gallaudet University in DC. Recently, I mean within the past month, I submitted my application for graduate special student. Graduate special student means that I’ll be a graduate-level student, but I won’t be in any program. I have to check about taking certain classes and should talk with someone in the Linguistics department to see what classes would be good to improve my application to their program. Well, Wednesday I got a letter from Gallaudet’s graduate school. At first I thought it was to inform me that they needed one or two more things for my application. Nope. It was to let me know that IF I get a B in all the classes I’m currently taking, I’m in.

I feel this needs repeating: IF I get a B in all the classes I’m currently taking, I’m in.

I am almost in to my top choice school! I’ve almost been accepted and will have a year to get my head in grad school mode and improve my ASL by completely immersing myself in the beautiful language and culture. That’s given me the kick in the butt I needed to sit down and really study for statistics. It isn’t impossible for me to get a B in that class. I’ve almost got a C without dropping the lowest quiz and homework grades, respectively. I am not letting statistics keep me from Gallaudet!

But, as my hubby has pointed out, I am taking a very realistic approach to this. I haven’t felt like I can let myself truly celebrate that letter. I know that if means I’m not in yet. This is a big thing for me. Not long ago I would be partying and thinking that statistics is no big deal and I’m in! I think I’ve “grown-up” a little bit recently. It’s nice.

Now to go get to work so I can afford to spend a year of grad school not working on a degree.

After a quick stop at the comic book store, of course.


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