Crafty shutterbug

Recently I’ve been indulging my inner shutterbug. Now I just have to go out and use what I’ve indulged in.

One indulgence was a camera bag. I have an awesome bag that DeviantArt had put on clearance, but it is:
A) obviously a camera bag
B) awkward
C) big
It’s great for storing everything in and transporting everything. But I rarely want or need to do the latter. So I started to look at smaller camera bags that didn’t scream “I am a camera bag!!!” Then I stumbled across an idea during my internet search. Why not convert an existing bag instead?

I started to look for ideas on how to do that instead. Eventually I found Make It & Love It. I loved the idea of making an insert. It would give me complete control over the bag. It could be a camera bag when I need it, and a messenger bag when I don’t. It also gives me control over how the insert looks.

I grabbed my Intellectual Freedom Fighter messenger bag and checked to see if the camera would fit in it. It fits perfectly. There is still enough space for the padding of the insert without being too snug. Then the more I thought about it, the more I realized how perfect that bag would be for this. It’s got pockets galore, inside and out. That gives me space for all the little things while leaving plenty of space for my camera and lens and light and whatever else.

I bought some really cute flannel, batting, and Velcro from work, aka Jo-Ann’s. The pattern calls for foam, but I figured if I use some craft foam under the batting, it will help it stand up better. Also buying batting and using foam I already have is much cheaper. Now I just have to unearth my sewing table again so I can get it made!

I think I’ve gone on long enough. I’ll go into my other indulgence later.

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