Wicked Girl

Today was not the greatest day. But it helped me realize a few things. One was how I have been treating this blog.

There are times where I do take the time to sit down an compose a wonderful blog post.

There are times where I sit down and vent and post a journal post.

I am making a change. From here on out there will only be composed blog posts. I have had a LiveJournal account since I was in college. This is back when LiveJournal was the place to be to connect with friends. It was in the days before Facebook was ever thought of. That is where my journal posts will be from here on out.

If you enjoy those posts that are rambling and are more journaling than blogging, then please head over to my LiveJournal. All of the posts that I want any other human being to see can be read without being a LiveJournal member. There’s even a link to an RSS feed for it way at the bottom after all the tags.

I am hoping that by increasing my journaling, it will help me to write better blog posts more frequently. And my blog posts will still involve my life, just not quite so many details about it.

I’m a wicked girl and I’m saving myself.

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