I feel so much better already. I do think part of it was getting down on ‘paper’ and getting it out there. So often my best processing is done externally. That’s part of why I talk to myself, in ASL and English (which depends on my mood).

Anyway. I’ve been slowly trying to get things turned around again. I think I made a lot of progress today. First, I had some breakfast. I’ve been getting up, getting dressed, and going to class. Sometime after class is when I finally eat. I’m starting to think that’s part of why my eating has been messed up. Today I had some Greek yogurt before going to class and it really helped! On my way home from class I decided that I really wanted a salad for lunch, so I swung by Wendy’s. Another great decision! It was the start of a pattern.

I took my usual bottle of water with me to work, but I took a pouch of applesauce with veggies to as a snack. I picked up a pack of applesauce pouches and a pack of applesauce with veggie pouches when we went grocery shopping. It has proved to be a great little snack. I think it’s going to be added to my DragonCon food list. But that snack kept me from wanting to get any candy after work.

But I did stop by Whole Foods. I needed non-chlorinated bleach and picked up some veggies and other items to help me stay on track this week. I also snagged a spinach and feta croissant. A-maz-ing! Between that and the cherry chia kombucha when I got home, I was good until dinner. And for dinner I decided to dial back the portions a little bit and it was nice to simply be full again.

I think today has helped me to remember what it feels like to eat in a healthy manner for me again. It’s just what I needed. Now I just have to keep it going. That’s the hard part.


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