Marcon 50 Preparation: Part 2

Part 1 is located over at Cosplay Notes.

I think this is going to bounce between the two blogs. For me, preparing for a convention involves so much: costume preparation, food preparation, gear preparation, mental preparation. It’s too much for one blog. 😉

In two weeks I’ll be sitting here recovering from another amazing convention. It’s only going to be my second Marcon, but I couldn’t have picked a better one to be my second. This year is the 50th Marcon. This convention has been happening for 50 years! This year’s guest list is made up of many previous guests and is much longer than usual. It is going to be great!

This Marcon also holds a couple of firsts for me. I’m going to be on a few panels, as well as moderating one. I’ve never been on a panel, let alone moderated one. But I have been reassured that I’ll be a great moderator. But this means another level of preparation: panel. I want to have the topics of the panels as fresh as possible in my mind. So lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of rereading and rewatching. It’s been great since they’re, obviously, topics I enjoy. But it’s definitely different than any other convention prep I’ve ever done.


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