It has begun…

Well, technically Marcon 50 starts tomorrow. But I’m at the hotel ready to go! After much yelling at my stuff, I got to the room, got the basics sorted, and took a nice, long shower. After work and hauling everything around I needed it. Then I got things further sorted and set up before getting the wi-fi up and the computer hooked up to the TV.

There’s only one thing that would make this evening better: a bottle opener. I have ten bottles of beer sitting in the mini-fridge getting cold and I can’t drink them. They’re not twist off and I am not putting on anything in addition to my nightshirt. I really want a bottle of beer, but I refuse to go buy one at this time of night.

Anyway. I am really looking forward to the convention this year. Being on panels, knowing many people attending, it’s going to make this year so much more fun! And I think I’m pretty prepared this time around. I’ve got three snack Ziplock bags full of salted almonds, two boxes of GoGo Squeez, and almond milk and chai concentrate for in the mornings.

Now I just have to hope my paycheck is big enough so I can buy some food as needed. Silly hotels don’t include tax when they tell you how much it is going to be when you make the reservation.

Tomorrow night I should have some fun to report. If I have the energy left that is. 🙂


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