I love -cycling!

I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean by “-cycling”. Well, I can’t simply say recycling because I’m TerraCycling too. So I figured “-cycling” is the best way go to.

Last week I finally picked up a new recycling bin. My hubby had threatened to throw out the old one if I didn’t stay on top of the recycling. Well, one down side to being a Lyft driver was I couldn’t just let the recycling sit in the car during the week until I went to church and could drop it off at the recycling dumpster. That meant that after no longer being a driver, I was still not taking care of it. So he went through with his threat. Considering it had been sitting there full for months, I really could only be so upset. I think I was more upset over the waste of a perfectly good trash can.

Last week I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pick up a new recycling can. It’s a little one that takes 8 gallon bags. My thought process was that it would fill up quicker and thus force me to take care of it faster. It’s working. My hubby’s putting recycling in it as well. The first load is in the back of my car right now and we’re well into the second. It feels so good to rinse out, and sometimes slightly wash, items and put them in the recycling. I figure if I’m going to be recycling, I should go the whole way. I’m washing out my yogurt cartons and the butter tub. Everything possible is going into that can and I love it! It’s that much less going into the dumpster and landfill, and it reduces how often the trash has to go out!

I’m loving TerraCycle. Recently I’ve discovered the wonderfulness that is GoGo Squeez. Various applesauces in a squeezy pouch! But I did hate throwing out the pouches. Now, thanks to TerraCycle, I’m not. I just need to send them a shipment every couple of months to keep myself in the brigade. I’m also in a couple of brigades that take personal care containers. Just knowing that I don’t have to throw away those containers makes me feel so good!

I love making sure less and less is going into landfills and more and more is becoming new things that will get recycled again. I am so proud to be part of this amazing cycle!


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