Marcon 50: Friday

I figure since it’s been a week, I should write up a post or two about Marcon 50.

It. Was. A. Blast!

This was only my second time attending, but it has become my favorite convention. I still love DragonCon, but there’s something wonderful about Marcon. Part of it is being around fellow geeks for the weekend. Part of it is the more relaxed and less crowded nature of the con. Part of it is having friends to chat with, be on panels with, and attend panels they’re on. And it’s great knowing that the convention is why I know them.

But I digress. The panels were so much fun this year. Only one time did I go to my room instead of a panel. And that was because I needed food and a break from the chest binder. I wrote a bit about a couple panels over at Cosplay Notes. But they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

After the two costuming related panels, I was going to go to the panel about religion in science fiction. But as I passed the room where the Star Wars Episode VII was setting up, I noticed who was on the panel and decided to go to that instead. Totally worth it! We watched trailers. We talked about all the movies. We talked about why the original trilogy was awesome and the prequel trilogy sucked. One thing that was brought up in regards to that really hit me. In the original trilogy, the world was worn: things were scarred and scuffed and dusty and dirty and used. In the prequel trilogy, the world was shiny and clean; everything was neat and clean and polished. There was no dust or dirt or wear and tear. That is what keeps throwing me off with that set of movies. Aside from the other problems, but that’s for another time.

I tried going to a make-up panel, but I didn’t learn anything new. Then I was on my first panel ever. All my worries and jitters vanished as soon as I saw one of my fellow panelists was also dressed as Dr. Abbey from the Newsflesh series. After that I went to my second panel ever where we ate Twinkies and talked about zombies. Well all the zombies out there that aren’t in the worlds of Romero or The Walking Dead. It was great!


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