Steeped Dreams are Made of Teas

Sorry for the punny title, but I thought of it and just had to use it!

It feels like I go through cycles with my love of tea. I haven’t really been drinking it for a while now, but a friend of mine keeps a stash and electric kettle in her office, which is right next to where I have class in the mornings. She’s reawakened the tea lover in me and I need my tea!

But there’s a problem. My teas, mug, stirrers, ingenuiTEA, and electric kettle are in Columbus. I’m only in Columbus on the weekends. Right now I’m relying on her generosity and Starbucks. Starbucks has some amazing hot teas and it’s less than $3 for the biggest (venti, right?).

I rarely go to Starbucks since I’m not a coffee drinker. But they’ve made a new customer in me. I just have to make sure the tea doesn’t steep too long. They have one setting for their hot water and all teas are not made the same! I learned the hard way last week when I got some Earl Grey and it was a little over-steeped, but still amazing! Today I had an amazing cup of Emperor’s Cloud and Mist green tea. It was one of the more earthy green teas. It was amazing!

Recently I decided that I needed better storage for my teas and ordered two sizes of tins from Amazon. This way I can store a bunch of tea in my desk drawer and not have to worry about it at all! I just need to get my equipment from home this weekend and figure out where on my desk all of this is going. It’s amazing how limited the desk space is around here! I am looking forward to just needing to “borrow” some hot water in the mornings before class. Also being able to have a nice hot cup of tea in my Wednesday afternoon class while the rest of the class enjoys their coffee will be wonderful!


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