I think I’m finally ready to plunge into my room and tame it tomorrow. It’s been a mess since I left for grad school, and it’s only gotten worse. I think I have a layout that will work for me the way I need it to right now. But before I change up how everything sits in the room, I need to get it cleaned up. There’s a path in the room that leads back to stuff-covered chairs. Things need to be put away, thrown out, and recycled.

I need somewhere to work, somewhere to have my own space again. Right now I’m taking up the living room, which isn’t fair to my hubby. The living room is a space where we both should be comfortable. And as long as I take it up, he feels like he needs to be invited in. Also, the more I get my room cleaned and organized, the more I can put things away!

I just hope this feeling continues tomorrow. It should help that I have nothing else to do until hubby gets home. That means I’ll have nothing else to distract me from my work. From my space.


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