Okay, classes can start now

I know there are many students who are thinking I’m crazy right now, but I am past ready for the semester to begin!

I’ve been like this since high school. I distinctly remember having a week of snow days and being sick of staying home! Granted it was also in January, so we weren’t back from winter break very long.

Anyway, as much as I do enjoy being home and having time with my hubby, I am ready for the semester to start. The way I approach break is that it’s time to rest and recover from the previous semester and prepare for the next semester. Well, I’ve recovered from the previous semester. I had some time of enjoying break and just being in between the two phases.

Now, I have my lectures for next week ready and a start on the week after that. Readings and the syllabus for that class are approved. I’ve got the books for my class. I’ve had time to think about my thesis and I have questions for professors about it. I miss my friends at school. I’m ready for the semester to start already! I’ve been ready for at least a week, but I felt like waiting until the weekend before to bother you guys with it. I am so ready to go back to my spaces in BG and get some more work done, both for me and for others.

Bring on the spring!


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