Help Puerto Rico, it’s just a hundred miles across

Call me late to the party. Call me whatever. But, after seeing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s passionate plea for the U.S. to help their own citizens in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, I am trying to increase the visibility of this problem.

In case you missed it, Lin-Manuel’s rap is here: Have tissues ready. It is a passionate plea that comes from the heart. The lyrics are on his Tumblr.

Or, if you don’t know what’s going on and/or have 25 minutes (find the time!!!), watch the entire segment from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

CALLS COUNT. The Congressional Switchboard number is 202-224-3121. Tell them your state and zip code and they will connect you to the office of your representative. Tell them you’re calling about House Resolution 4900, and ask them to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt. (Read up at…/only-congress-can-rescue…) Make sure you spread the word; these are American citizens and they need our help.

Spread all of this information far and wide! Post it on Facebook! Tweet about it!  Post about it on Tumblr! Reblog information, share it, spread it! These are fellow American Citizens. We can help them and treat them as the human beings that they are. To quote John Oliver, “They are an island of American Citizens whose fate is interwoven with ours.”

“Help Puerto Rico, it’s just a hundred miles across.”


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