I’m feeling good!

I am done with two of my classes. The other class work I’ll have done this week because the professor for that class is amazing. My students’ grades are in, and they’re complaining about them. The semester is done! I’m almost done with my first year as a graduate student! Exclamation point! Hehe.

Seriously, I am feeling good right now. I had a good time at Marcon, even if my brain was fried from writing papers and grading tests. I spent time with friends, realized I need to rewatch a few things a few times before Marcon next year, and made one of my favorite authors happy due to my costume.

I just got caught up on a few of my webcomics. I also got caught up on a couple of blogs. I’m getting some work done that will make writing my thesis easier (I hope). I am at home. I am in the apartment that I live in with my hubby. Yes, my stuff is everywhere and I need to start going through it so things can actually get put away. But I am home.

It’s nice to be so unstressed and relaxed again. Now if my Hamilton Research GoFundMe would take off, I would be ecstatic right now! I guess I’ll just have to be happy being unstressed and relaxed. 😀


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