Pleasant discovery

I made a wonderfully, deliciously pleasant discovery this morning. I bought a box of Cream of Wheat a month or so ago. It’s fun and different. Today is the first time I tried making it with something other than whole milk. Since I’m not home a lot, I don’t keep almond milk around. I discovered back in the fall that chocolate almond milk and spiced chai concentrate make an awesome combination. Seeing as I am going to be home for a few weeks, I bought both.

Today, I was going to just wash up the raspberries I bought yesterday and have them for breakfast/lunch/food. Then, I had the idea to make some Cream of Wheat with my chocolate almond milk. OMG. Brilliant! It adds the right amount of sweet and chocolate. Every spoonful got two fresh raspberries. It was like having dessert for breakfast. Delicious.

Just be careful when you’re making the Cream of Wheat. Follow the directions and you won’t get the dreaded lumps! *grin* But seriously, this is an amazing combination. I imagine any almond milk would work for this. Probably any alt milk, but my preference is almond milk, so I don’t know. Go out and try!!

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