Tony Time!

I am going to just keep updating this post as the Tony Awards keep going.

7:58p – I feel bad for the other shows. Even CBS is putting all of it’s attention on Hamilton: An American Musical. But I have to be honest. I’m almost more excited to see Marlee Matlin present!

8:00p – Wonderful way to start!!!! *tears*

8:01p – YES!!!!!! I can’t wait to download this opening!!! They had better put it on YouTube!  The applause after he sings his name. Great! “Just you wait!”

8:04p – “The Oscars with diversity”…burn!

This tribute to Broadway musicals is just great! So many musicals getting included! But, where’s Rent?

8:17p – These School of Rock kids are amazing! Just damn. And a girl on bass!!

8:22p – They’re doing live “#Ham4Ham” for the Tony’s. I wish I was in NYC!!!! Jealous.

Featured Actress in a Musical – YES! One down! RENEE ELISE GOLDSBERRY!!!! I love her! So touching! It doesn’t help that her castmates all have tears of joy in their eyes too! They are such a wonderful group of human beings.

I admit to wondering if any of the other nominees expect to win against Hamilton. Everyone’s performances speak for themselves, but so much hype has been following it that we know nothing about the others.

Costume Design of a Musical – Paul Tazwel! The man is a genius!! That’s two! Those costumes. I wish I could see them up close. I’ll have to settle for the amazing sketches in the #Hamiltome.

Featured Actor in a Musical
– DAVEED!!!!!!!! Daveed Diggs! Yes! That suit! Love it! Three!!
I was really, really hoping he would get it. He does such an amazing job with two characters. Yay!!

Exclamation points!!!! 😀

Best Original Score – Hamilton!!!! Go LIN!!! Four! Now for the rap …oooh. A sonnet. To his wife….*tears*. And he wrote it today. Wow. Non stop. *tears* That man is going to drain every tear from me one of these days. Probably the day I actually get to see the show.

Best Direction of a Musical – Thomas Kail!! Thomas! Thomas! Five! YAY! So touching! I didn’t know I should have the tissues nearby during the Tony Awards.

I’m kind of wishing the #Ham4Ham-ish performances were longer. They’re little snippets, why not the entire song? #Ham4Ham does 3-5 min performances. I hope the people there are getting a longer show than we are.

Best Scenic Design of a Musical – wow. There goes the sweep. Congrats She Loves Me. It must be amazing to beat out the originality of Hamilton. But that’s just my opinion.

That 360 during the Bright Star performance is cool, but it was definitely aimed for the TV audience. I feel bad for the people who are there. That camera must have interfered with enjoying the performance.

Best Lighting Design of a Musical – Howell Binkley! Number six!

Of course! Everyone’s been on Law & Order!

*jawdrop* James Earl Jones and Angela Lansbury on the stage together! Wow.

On Your Feet. That is awesome! Wow. Those kids can really move! And of course they pull Lin up to his feet. 😀 He was probably dancing in his seat.

Yes Spring Awakening! Bring on the signing!

Carpool Karaoke!!!! They’re having so much fun! James nails the Lafayette raps! Damn! And, of course, Les Mis with Lin in the car. WONDERFUL!! But they edited out the Rent part. Oh well. But they’re so awesome in the back seat! Such a theater geek in the front passenger seat. 😉

Frank Langella wins for best acceptance speech! Wow.

Marlee!!!!! And her interpreter!!!!!!! YES! Access to all! ……okay. They need to win! *jawdrop* He was on Switched at Birth!!! Non-sim-com signers are more fun to watch in my opinion.

Hamilton doing Rent!!!!!! Goosebumps!!!!! But I want to hear them do the entire song!!!!!!!!!!

Best Orchestrations – Alex Lacamoire! Seven!

Book of a Musical – Lin-Manuel Miranda! Eight!

I’ll have to find those acceptance speeches later.

Are the President and First Lady really introducing the Hamilton piece?! *speechless* *adds to “Videos to find on YouTube tomorrow” list*
Nope. It’s Common! Damn!

“History Has Its Eyes on You” and “Yorktown”!!!!! Lin mugging right into the camera! Cheers for Oak!!! Took me until the end of the battle to realize they didn’t have their guns! Amazing job! Just goes to show what amazing, Tony Award winning choreography can do! Moving those props into place, just beautiful! EVERYONE on stage!! AWESOME! Wow! Breathtaking! I feel a little better with knowing I probably won’t see that in person.

Best Choreography – Andy Blankenbuehler! Nine! Totally deserves it. The man is a genius! Seriously, if you haven’t already, watch the #Ham4Ham and the interviews he’s given explaining his choreography (here and here). He packs just as much into the choreography as Lin packs into the music.

I didn’t know Bebe Neuwirth did musicals. Damn can she sing!

Now to break with #HamWatch2016… Best Revival of a Musical – is not Spring Awakening. 😦 Oh well. Congrats, The Color Purple.

…and now they’ve killed me. String quartet doing “Seasons of Love” for In Memoriam. 😥

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical – Leslie Odom, Jr.!!! Ten!!! He so deserves it! He does an amazing job!!! And his acceptance speech….awwww. All these human beings are amazing!

Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical – Damn. Obviously she earned it, but :(, it’s not Philippa.

I must admit, it is wonderful to see so much diversity on Broadway! Ethnic, religious, linguistic. Wonderful!

Best Musical – HAMILTON: AN AMERICAN MUSICAL!!!!!!! Wait…Lin’s letting someone else talk?! 😉 Lin looks like he’s about to cry. Chernow’s there too!!!!!!! Wonderful speech.

Closing with “The Schuyler Sisters”!!! I’ll have to find that video later. They’re having so much fun!

Eleven Tony Awards!! Woot woot!!


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