I’m going to be honest

My life is sucking right now. I’m pretty much broke. I’m trying to get some progress done on my thesis, but all I keep coming up with are more questions. Of the three books I brought with me for the weekend, I’ve been able to find information useful to my thesis in two. Those two I was only looking at a chapter in each. The third book is proving to be not nearly as useful as I was hoping it would be, which is frustrating!

I’m stressed and I can’t muster the energy to do anything to possibly get rid of it. I’ve basically been watching Netflix or TV all weekend. Today I watched Gettysburg and then switched back to The West Wing. I’ve been trying to find new info for my thesis, but all that happens is I think of another thing for possibly writing about Hamilton. A show I am not going to get to see with the cast that is currently there.

I know the most important thing is seeing the show in the theater with other people. But I really, really wanted to see it before Lin and anyone else leaves.

Sorry about this ramble, but I felt like sharing this with everyone. Things should be improving soon. Hopefully so will my posts. For now, enjoy this:

ETA: It helped me feel better. I highly suggest this if you’re feeling down!


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