Post-DragonCon Recap

Every year I go to DragonCon with specific plans. Every year I come home from DragonCon having had an amazing time without following those plans. Sometime soon I’m going to start a page of tips for conventions, not just DragonCon. There are just so many basic things that apply to any convention.

Anyway. While, thanks to someone deciding that another Star Trek convention needed to happen (and on Labor Day weekend), there were not many Trek guests, there were plenty of Trek panels. I went to at least one Trek panel per day. I think I went to more Trek panels this year than I have in all the previous years combined. It was great! There were panels that were more academic in nature, looking at economics and various sciences, and the more fan-based panels. All of the ones I attended were great. It was a lot of fun and they were quite informative.

Of course there were other panels and events. I wanted to get into the Charlie Cox panel at 10a on Friday, but between the elevator and loosing track of time, I didn’t make it. Luckily, they showed it on DCTV, and someone asked him what I was hoping to ask: how did he learn to act blind so well? He worked with a man who has been legally blind for 20 years. He observed him doing everyday things. This taught him that his eyes should not look ‘dead’, which is why he is always ‘looking’ somewhere. That made me so happy to know! I was tempted to try to get to his panel Saturday morning, but decided against it. I had my answer. While it would have been cool to be in the room, it wasn’t enough of a reason to go.

Friday afternoon I got to be in the room with two amazing people: Gigi Edgley and Brian Henson!!!! They did a Farscape panel that was a joy to be in the room for. Gigi is such a fangirl over Henson and Farscape. It was so cool to see someone who was part of the main cast fangirling out over the show. Brian said, among other things, that they are working on writing a Farscape movie, and are trying to get it right, which is why it is taking so long. When he said that, there was a feeling of relief in the room, as well as an unspoken “Take your time. We’ll wait for a good movie!”

Saturday was a lot of fun. I decided on Friday that I wasn’t going to do the parade. I have been in it for 6 straight years. It had become something that I felt I had to do instead of wanting to do. I’m glad I decided not to. I’m excited to do it again next year and to get at least one costume done for it. Hopefully I’ll have two options finished by then.

Instead of the parade, we had some fun. My hubby figured out a few years ago that the best time to go to the dealer’s room was during the parade. So many people are either in the parade, watching the parade live, watching the parade on DCTV, or asleep that not many (relatively) go to the dealer’s room. He was right. I’ve seen that room busier on a Monday than I did Saturday morning. It’s nice to know that the option is there, but I doubt I’ll be doing it too often.

After that, hubby, myself, and a friend headed down to the Artemis setup to be a part of the crew for a time. It was so much fun. We were destroyed fairly early in our first run, so they reset it and let us have another go. A few people switched places and our friend was Captain. He had done this before and it showed. Everything ran much smoother and we got a lot done. It was so much fun! Also, the three of us showed up in original series uniforms. 😀

That night was my panel where I was told by everyone that I did quite well. I felt so nervous during my presentation, but the Q&A part was a breeze. It went over quite well with the audience and I did what I always hope my work does, informed people about Deaf Culture.

Sunday was a day of fan fun. Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and comic books. So many geeky discussions. It was wonderful. The geeky discussions extended into Monday. That was assisted by the fact that we did not have to check out until Tuesday. If you can afford the time and money to do so, I highly recommend it. We were able to go to every panel we wanted to. We made another trip to the dealer’s room. We took our time packing. We took a nap before heading out. The time it took for a bellhop to arrive with a cart so we could get everything to our car was minuscule. It was wonderful.

It was another wonderful DragonCon. The one thing that always makes it wonderful is seeing our friends. It’s the only time every year we are able to get together and it makes DragonCon. Even if we all go our separate ways during the day, we all end up at the room at the end of the day and have a blast sharing what we’ve done and just hanging out watching DCTV. We could probably spend the entire weekend in the room and never set foot in the con as long as it is the four of us. But I doubt that’s ever going to happen. The con is just too much fun.