One-thousand words

I have a few things that I use to remind me to keep going when I feel overwhelmed when trying to work on my thesis. I’ve got Wil Wheaton:


That has been really useful. I have to remember to give myself permission to sit down and simply write a bunch knowing there is going to be a lot of editing later. I also tell myself

Remember...Hamilton wasn't written in a day. It took six years, lots of research, and tons of writing.

The more I found out about Hamilton, the more I found myself reminding myself of this. I’m sure this is going to be my mantra when I’m working on my dissertation for my Ph.D.

But the best advice I’ve found that’s helped me immensely is from one of my favorite authors, Seanan McGuire. I can’t find the post now, but she posted, I thought on her Tumblr, about using a d10 to keep visual track of her writing. She would sit down and write 1000 words at a time. When she hit 1000, she would take a break and then go back to it. I’ve been using that. I’ll sit down and make myself write 1000 words at a go. I haven’t done it as often as I really should. But I did it tonight, and it feels so good!

I really should do it on a daily basis. Then again, it is Monday. Maybe this is the week I start writing 1000 words, minimum, a day. Hopefully it’ll get me motivated to get the basics down and then go back and start fleshing things out, editing, and getting a rough draft done. I keep freaking out over it and not doing anything. The better thing is to get something done that you can ask others, in my case my committee, for their opinions on. They can’t help you if you have nothing for them to look over!


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