Time Management

I have never been good at managing time. I’m one of those people who has piles of projects everywhere. I know what is in which pile, but they’re everywhere. My problem is I look at all those piles and get overwhelmed. They’re all important piles. So nothing gets done.

But today I realized I have some built-in scheduling I can use. The one class I am currently taking is on Tuesday afternoons. We get done with plenty of time for me to get work done before heading to bed for the night. I’m kind of ashamed to admit it took me this long to realize that I should use that time to get work done for that class. It makes sense! We just spent 3 hours talking about the topic and all the various tangents related to it. After class is the perfect time to work on the final paper for it!

I guess the point of all of that is pay attention. The solution to your problem may be right in front of your face!


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