Time flies when you’re not busy

I’m home. I’m home for winter break. Three weeks of having nothing that I have to do. Just things that I want to do. Yesterday I spent most of the day figuring out knitting patterns, one stitch at a time. Today I put my stuff away so I wouldn’t be living out of luggage at home for the next three weeks. It feels so good to be home!

Granted I still have four bags of various sizes with books and notebooks and binders sitting in the living room with nowhere else to put them. That’s why part of my list for break is to get things organized and cleaned up in my room so I can actually get work done in there again!

But that has to wait. We need to get our Christmas tree up so we have somewhere to put the presents. A topic that I’m going to have a post about soon.

It’s so good to be home!

Happy holidays to everyone!


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