Tea Obsessed

teanotesAt the beginning of the previous school year (so, fall 2015) my friend got my tea flame reignited. But she also introduced me to Adagio Teas. Adagio has amazing teas and a huge variety of types and flavors. They also do something that I have yet to see anyone else do.

They let you create your own blend using their teas.

They give you a long list of many of their teas along with a long list of inclusions, like chocolate chips or orange peel or dried fruits, and you can create your own teas. And you can make them available for others to buy. At first, I simply explored what others had available. But I slowly started creating my own blends and fandoms, what they call the collections you create. Also, most blends and fandoms are inspired by popular culture. …I really should look at writing a paper on this.

I actually have a fandom that people seem to be enjoying, or are at least willing to try! My Steven Universe fandom has teas that not only represent each gem, but Steven, Connie, Lion, and Watermelon Steven too. But I formulated each tea as necessary to be able to “fuse” and create the different fusions on the show. So you can use Steven and Connie to have a cup of Stevonnie. Or you can use Ruby and Sapphire to create Garnet.

Yesterday I placed a huge order with Adagio. I bought a bunch of teas I had created but I haven’t had the chance to try yet. I am so excited for them to arrive! I’ve been keeping all of my tea love over on a Tumblr I created just for that purpose. But I realize that I should be sharing the love with all of you.

Also, I’m just going to try to post more on here. I’ve been more picky about what I post about and that’s not what this blog is for. It’s for my crazy polymind to have an outlet. So get ready, cause that roller coaster is arriving soon!


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