Look Around List

Look around! Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now! – Hamilton

One of my biggest blogging inspirations has been Bonzai Aphrodite. On the blog, she has had a series she calls “Le Love List”. It’s a list of everything she is grateful for that week. I love that, and I think we need more positivity in the world right now. I finally figured out how I want to express these things here. I didn’t want to just literally do another “Le Love List”.

While driving home today, inspiration hit. In Hamilton: An American Musical, Eliza reminds us, in a couple of songs, to “Look around! Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!” That is what I feel like inspires my Love List: the things I see when I look around and make me feel lucky to be alive. My goal is for it to be a regular Sunday post. But seeing as I finally figured it out, and it’s kind of the end of my weekend today, since it’s Martin Luther King’s Birthday, I figure today will be the first!

My hubby. He has been so supportive throughout this past year-and-a-half. I think he’s got a countdown to my graduation somewhere. He is the one who said I should just get a place here in BG instead of doing a 2-hour commute up and 2-hour commute back on a daily basis.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Today we remember his life and his legacy. It feels wrong to not include him. He did so much in the time he was here. He really is one of the “what if”s of American History that we are never going to know: “What if he hadn’t been assassinated? What else would he have done? What further impact would he have had on our lives?”

Tea. This is probably going to always be on my list because it really is that important to me. It gives me the refresh I need and sometimes the power to go on. And my huge order is arriving tomorrow. Yay!!!!!

Bowling Green State University. Seriously. I am still having a blast. Well, as much of a blast as one can have in graduate school. I’m taking a class where we need to read graphic novels to be able to further discuss the academic articles in class. I’m finally taking a comic studies class!!! And it is going to help me really get my thesis in top notch form. Also, where else could I combine Deaf Studies and Comics Studies in a thesis and get so much support from my professors? Seriously, if you are interested in Popular Culture Studies, this is the program to be in!

Chinese food. Okay, this one might seem silly, but… Ever since watching the new Ghostbusters movie, I have been wanting Chinese. I really, really wanted egg drop soup. I love that stuff. This afternoon I ordered myself a small feast. It was so delicious. I’m still surrounded by the food I ordered. It is a serious act of self-care today.

My students. I’m only a week into the semester and I’m loving the students I have right now. Granted, the classroom I have makes discussing things in groups really easy, but they have been giving me such great answers and input during class. And there have only really been two classes so far, since the first day was syllabus day.

Anyone want to share what they feel they are lucky to be alive to experience? Just “Look around! Look around!” You’ll see plenty!


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