Beauty Brainwashing

You were brainwashed into thinking European features are the epitome of beauty

I shared the above on Facebook and immediately my hubby disagreed with it. Respectfully. Then, my brother-in-law disagreed with it in a comment. Both were citing their own experience and opinion about body types.

They are both right. In many ways, we have made progress as to body type and skin color acceptance. But that is not the case globally. Women around the world have been “brainwashed into thinking european features are the epitome of beauty.” Women around the world try to lighten their skin, make alterations to their body so it fits the more European body type.

So, if you feel that people of all genders are not brainwashed, I’m glad. That means you haven’t had that experience. It’s a privilege I’m glad exists out there. That’s the way of thinking that needs to spread and become the more common global way of thinking.


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